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Thai Yoga Massage

Healing Path Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

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This amazing style of massage, has roots going back thousands of years into ancient India and China, before finally finding its home in northern Thailand. Thai Yoga Massage, or simply Thai Massage, is a system of restorative and peaceful massage therapy, that’s received fully clothed. Using no oils or lotions of any kind, it blends a rolling, deep-tissue, acupressure massage, with passive, assisted stretching. This combination produces a very different, and beneficial massage unlike anything you’ve ever had before. You’ll absolutely love the acupressure massage, but don’t worry about the stretching part. You don’t need any experience with yoga, and you don’t need to be flexible at all. During the stretching, you can allow yourself to become completely relaxed, as the therapist slowly and gently guides your body through the stretches, firmly supporting and protecting you the entire time. Actually, it’s so passive, that Thai Massage is sometimes affectionately referred to as “Lazy Man’s Yoga”.

Thai Massage is a very relaxing, and healing form of massage therapy that’s been practiced in the Far East and Thailand for generations. If you’ve tried Thai Massage before, then you already know how wonderful it is. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then you really have to try it, so you can see for yourself how unique and enjoyable it can be. In fact we’re so sure you’ll like it, that we offer 25% off your first visit, to make it even easier for you to try it (or experience it again).  We have appointments available, and you can easily check openings by clicking the “Book Online” button above.

Some Commonly  Reported Benefits of Thai Massage
  • More flexibility in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • Better range of motion and mobility in your joints
  • Increase of your energy level and mental focus
  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Feelings of deep calm and relaxation
  • Increased circulation and lowering of blood pressure
  • Reduction of stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Enhanced feeling of well-being

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