Memberships are our way of rewarding you for coming in regularly, or more frequently. You can make a commitment to your health, enjoy the benefits of regular bodywork, and save money all at the same time.

Membership dues are automatically paid each month on a debit or credit card, so you never have to think about it.  But don’t worry, there are no contracts or commitments, and you can easily cancel at any time.

Healing Path Thai Massage currently offers the following Memberships: 

The Once-a-Month Club

Pre-paid and pre-scheduled. Simply arrive, receive… float home.

This membership combines a recurring monthly payment and a recurring 90 minute appointment to keep you on track for your health goals. You save $30 for auto-paying and receiving a session monthly.


  • Because the intention of this membership is to commit to regular monthly sessions, dues are non-refundable and do not roll over.
  • You must schedule a recurring monthly Thai Massage session.  However, if necessary you can easily reschedule this online for any other time within the dues-covered monthly period.
  • Dues of $120 will be auto-charged on a credit/debit card monthly, and you will receive one 90 minute Thai Massage session per month.

The Unlimited Club

For those clients where once a month, just isn’t enough.

Auto-pay a small dues fee each month, and you get unlimited sessions at member discounts of up to $60 off! This special rate, just for members of this club, is available to book at the bottom of the main booking screen.

Membership entitles you to receive unlimited sessions at the discounted member price, matching the monthly dues (or shorter duration). And as an added bonus, you also get one extra session per month at this rate that you can share with your friends or family!

Now there’s no excuse not to come in more often.

Session LengthRegular PriceMember Price Monthly Dues
60 min$100→ $70$19.99
90 min$150→ $100$29.99
2  hour$200→ $140$39.99


Select your Membership: