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Traditional Thai Massage

Firm acupressure thai massage

Acupressure Massage

A deep-tissue, moving, acupressure massage is done by pressing right through clothing. No oils or lotions are used, and a Thai Massage is received fully clothed. A firm pressure is applied, but mostly done using the palms and open hands. This way, the pressure is spread out over a much wider area, so it doesn’t hurt like knuckles or fingers would. The therapist will also check in with you regularly to make sure that the pressure isn’t too much (or not enough), and that you’re enjoying the experience. But if you prefer a deep massage, then Thai Massage is definitely for you.



passive yoga stretching

Passive-Assisted Stretching

One of the best things about Thai Massage has to be the passive-assisted yoga stretching. As you lie completely relaxed and passive, the therapist will slowly and gently stretch you out where you need it most. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be flexible or know any yoga at all. In Thai Massage, you get to remain completely relaxed and passive while the therapist gently, and thoroughly, stretches you out. Because the therapist supports you and guides the stretch, you can totally relax and let go for a deep, effective stretch, without fear of injury. You’re in good hands. Literally.


energy work reiki

Integrated Energy Healing

During your Thai Massage session, the therapist may also use Reiki energy healing or apply acuppressure therapy to the Thai “Sen” lines. Roughly analogous to the Chinese meridian lines, the Thai Sen lines transfer energy throughout the body. When they’re blocked, energy is unable to flow properly, and disease or dysfunction results. By working and massaging acupressure points along these energy lines, blocks are removed, and energy flow in the body is enhanced. Using Reiki, healing energy is instilled into the body, which then washes away remaining blocks. For the most part, both are done through the palms during massage and are completely unperceived by the client. Except of course, for the positive effects.


online scheduling

Fast and Easy Online Booking

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our automated online scheduling system is available for you to book, change, or cancel an appointment in just a few easy steps. Fully optimized for desktop or mobile, booking is fast and easy from any computer, smartphone, or other mobile device, day or night.

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