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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is received fully clothed, and uses no oils or lotions of any kind. So please wear or bring comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in. Clothes such as you would wear to a yoga class or to the gym. The more skin that’s covered the better, so long pants are preferable. And if you tend to get cold, you can even wear socks and a sweatshirt!

What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is a combination of deep, acupressure massage and passive-assisted stretching. For more detailed information please  » CLICK HERE «

Do I need to be flexible for Thai Massage?

Not at all. The stretches are completely passive, and whatever your limit is, that’s where we’ll stretch you to. The therapist will always ensure that you don’t stretch too far, and when we get close you can always say “stop” and just enjoy the stretch. It’s not about how flexible you are, it’s about becoming just a little bit more flexible. There’s an old yoga saying, “Believing that you’re too inflexible to stretch, is like believing that you’re too dirty to take a bath”!

Does Thai Massage hurt?

Traditionally, Thai Massage is done with very deep pressure that can hurt. So if you like the type of massage that really “gets in there”, you’ll love it. But don’t let that scare you. Our sessions are tailored to the preference of each client, and we try our very best to ensure that the pressure is just right. No matter how heavy or light that may be for you. We really don’t want to hurt you, and prefer you let us know right away about anything that’s uncomfortable, or you’re not enjoying, so we can adjust it more to your liking.

Do I have to do the stretching?

No. You never have to do anything that you don’t want to or aren’t comfortable with. Thai Massage is very free-form, and can always be adjusted to what you like and prefer. If you don’t want to do a stretch, or something else, you can simply say, “let’s not do that”, and we’ll listen to you and just move on. If you aren’t enjoying something, there are plenty of other options with Thai Massage that we know you will enjoy.

Is it okay to talk during the session?

If you mean chatting, of course that’s okay. But it’s also important to give the therapist some feedback during a session. Thai Massage is a team effort.  It’s important to communicate, so that adjustments can be made for your comfort and enjoyment. For instance, if it hurts, “stop” or “ow!” will always stop us immediately. But if it feels good, let us know that too, so we can do more!  When we do the stretching, sometimes you may want a stretch to be held longer, or go deeper, and sometimes you might just be done with it early. That’s all okay, just let us know.

Where are you located?

We’re located in Seattle, in the charming Madison Park neighborhood. We’re just east of the Arboretum, right along the western shore of Lake Washington.  We’re in a 3-story converted apartment building, on the second floor. For location details, please see the clickable map to the right.

Do you have parking?

Unfortunately, as with so many businesses in Seattle, we do not have a parking lot. However, there is abundant diagonal 2 hr street parking right in front of our building, and plenty of 2-4 hr parking available on all surrounding streets.  (please check the signs, parking times vary). You shouldn’t have any problem finding a space nearby, but please allow an extra minute or two to park.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Checks, and all major Credit/Debit cards. For your convenience, online payment is also available at time of booking. 

Can I save money on regular sessions?

Yes, you can!  If you like to receive massage regularly, or are ready to make the commitment to do so, then a membership with Healing Path Thai Massage is just what you need. With a membership, by auto-billing monthly, and committing to at least one session per month, you get great rates on all sessions.
For more information, please CLICK HERE

Can I go directly to your booking page?

Yes you can. Go straight to our booking page from any computer, Smartphone, or mobile device by simply browsing to: www.hpthai.com/book

Do you accept tips?

We do accept tips, however it’s certainly not mandatory, and never expected.  A gratuity is a great way to let us know that you enjoyed your session, and is very much appreciated. But the best thank you that you can give us is to come back again, and to recommend us to your friends and family.

Meet the Therapist

 Scott A. Brukman, LMT

Scott A. Brukman, LMT

License # - MA60858262


Healing Path Thai Massage is owned and operated by Scott Brukman, a licensed massage therapist in the States of Washington and Colorado. He is a first degree Usui Reiki practitioner, holds a Brown belt in Kenpo karate, and has trained extensively in Tibetan sound therapy. Additionally, Scott possesses decades of training and experience in Anusara, Kundalini, and Desikachar Yoga. In 2010, after almost twenty five years in computers, he decided to go back to school to learn Thai Massage and open his own practice.

A recent transplant to Seattle from Denver Colorado, in his free time Scott enjoys nature, photography, making music, and his two cats, Zen and Buddy.

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