Add-ons add a little something extra to a Thai Massage session. You can augment any session with a 15 minute add-on, and add-ons can be added to the beginning or the end of a session. You select them as part of the process when you book a Thai Massage session online.

Healing Path Thai Massage currently offers the following add-ons:

Reiki energy session

Reiki Energy Healing

The term Reiki comes from two Japanese words: “Rei,” which means universal, and “ki,” which loosely translates to “lifeforce” or Universal Energy. Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy know as “Ki” (chi, qi, prana…) flows through your body, and disease occurs when this energy flow is reduced or interrupted.  Like Thai Massage, Reiki is done fully clothed. A practitioner uses gentle touch — or places their hands just above your body — to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance, calm, and healing. 

A practitioner places their palms on or just over different body parts that are thought to be hubs for energy, or that specifically need healing.  Many clients report sensations like heat, tingling, or pulsing where the hands are, or throughout their body. Or you might not notice any changes. Some people get so relaxed that they fall asleep. Reiki is particularly effective after a Thai Massage session when the physical and energetic systems are open and receptive. A 15 minute Reiki add-on is a great way to end a session.



Sound healing singing bowls

Sound/Vibration Therapy

A life-long musician, Scott loves incorporating his tuned Tibetan “singing bowls” into his therapy sessions. The singing bowls are seven-metal, hand-hammered bowls from the Mountains of Tibet. They can be struck with either soft or hard mallets eliciting different, oscillating resonance and vibrations that synchronize the body’s frequencies and chakras. They also sound really cool…
In addition to striking, the bowls may also be played by “weaving” on the rim, such as with a wine glass to produce a hypnotic, meditative tone. And finally, bowls may be placed on the body as vibration therapy. The largest bowl has a strong and low vibration, that relaxes the body and is very therapeutic when placed on ailments. The singing bowls are a great way to begin a Thai massage session.